About Us


It’s all about YOU getting your time back! Our mission is to help our clients save time so they can focus on the big-picture tasks in their business and save them money by offering quality work at affordable prices!


As more companies are moving to virtual offices, there is a real need for more people in the workforce who are equipped to work in a home office, experienced and skilled in online programs and software, and who provide quality, detailed work. Our vision is to be a company that hires only the best virtual assistants so that we can help thousands of clients get their time back, grow their businesses, and start living the life they design!

Genean Roberts - Owner of Delegation Desk

About Us

Genean Roberts, the owner of Delegation Desk, had been a virtual assistant part-time since 2010, growing her skills by learning new processes and programs constantly, while also working in a full-time management position for most of those years as well. In 2020, when everything was going virtual, she decided that this was the time to go all-in, full-time. She started a business mid-Covid, not knowing where it would lead. Within a few months, she was hiring team members because client work had grown to more than she could handle on her own. Life by Design Virtual Solutions (LBDVS) grew quickly and now has a team of 9 working with a variety of clients. LBDVS is the parent company of Delegation Desk. Genean began to realize that the business model of Life by Design Virtual Solutions was limited by what the team could handle, and she found herself turning away multiple clients, sometimes on a weekly basis. That’s when she got the idea to start Delegation Desk, a virtual assistant agency model, where clients can have a dedicated virtual assistant working alongside them instead of multiple people working on the client’s account. Delegation Desk was the solution to no longer turning away clients, while also still being able to provide the quality and detailed work the client wants and needs.

Delegation Desk is a great way to get ongoing, consistent virtual office assistant work completed without the overhead of hiring an in-person assistant.