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1 Free Task – Up to 1 hour -Completed by a Delegation Desk Virtual Assistant. (1 per client or company)
Please complete the form below so we can match you with your ideal virtual assistant. Our goal is to match you with your perfect VA from the start. 🙂
Limit one free trial per client/business/company.
No credit card is needed.
We normally start on tasks within 24 business hours of receiving them.
A list of example tasks you could use for your free trial! (you are not limited to these)
  • Research travel options (airfare, hotel, ground transportation)

  • Create an email campaign or 2-page newsletter

  • Create a PDF

  • Create a general Google Sheet or Excel Spreadsheet

  • Create a short PowerPoint presentation

  • Create 3-4 social media posts

  • Update a website page (such as replacing text or graphics)

  • Create a social media account for your business

  • Write a blog post (up to 300 words)

  • Create a survey 

  • Send invoices for one hour

  • Reach out to unpaid vendors via phone or email

  • Research project for one hour

  • Create graphics

  • Organize online file system for one hour

  • Schedule meetings

  • Manage business calendar

  • Email employees 

  • Create the outline of a budget for an event

  • Do research on event locations 

  • Set up a budget for an event

  • Do research on fundraiser locations