What We DO

Our U.S. based Virtual Assistants provide consistent, timely results – because we hire for quality, not quantity.

We focus on teamwork and community because we know that creating a strong culture creates a dynamic that can’t be bought or taught.

Instead of trying to make each virtual assistant fit into a carefully crafted mold, we use their own strengths and skill sets to help place them with clients who are the best fit for them.

We look for individuals that fit within our ethos of positivity and growth. Our team is a community, and our clients become a part of that community when they work with our team.

This is how Delegation Desk stands out. It is a pretty simple formula; we don’t just want you to be satisfied with the work that is done, we want you to be so happy that you tell others about us!

If this mindset is part of what you are looking for in your search for a virtual assistant service, reach out to us to see for yourself how the community at Delegation Desk can work with you towards your continued success and growth.

What We Can Do For You

Just some of the tasks virtual assistants at Delegation Desk can do for you:

Calendar Management

We will organize your meetings, events, and tasks with the ultimate goal of maximizing the hours in your day, with a focus on protecting your schedule and your time.

Email Management

So many emails - so little time! Let us help you organize your inbox, create labels and folders, and follow up with emails to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Online File Organization

We can help make organization simple by identifying important folders, processes, and documents you need daily so everything is at your fingertips in folders and subfolders in an easy-to-use system.

Appointment Setting

We can help make calls, and manage and set appointments for prospective clients, and current clients.

Research and Data Entry

We can help enter data into a system, or into an easy-to-read report for any meeting. We can also research and pull data for you as needed.

Travel Arrangements

From hotels, to flights to rental cars; we can help set up your easy or complex business trips. We will also provide a detailed itinerary.

Light Project Management

We can help with project management software, while managing a team completing day-to-day tasks and help to keep everyone on target so you don’t have to!

Social Media Management

Let us help you get your brand out to your audience. We can plan, proof and execute a social media plan that will engage your following.

Content and Document Creation

We can help you create documents, PDFs, and presentations. We can create eye-catching emails, blog posts, articles, and press releases.

Other General Admin Tasks

Every company is different and has many different tasks and jobs that may be crucial to their business. We can help with many general tasks - we are like an office assistant, without the overhead!

A Few of the Programs we Have Experience using

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